Benefits of Promotional Products Advertising Campaigns

Enough cannot be said about the role of promotional products in advertisement campaign. Businesses are looking for tools to help accelerate the advertisement of their company, and using branded products help them effectively with spreading the name of their business to their audience. The following statistical information reflects on the benefits of promotional products in an advertising campaign:

Promotional products help with showing off your brand

Opting to advertising with promotional products is an effective way to increase the profit margin of your branding efforts. The recipients of the promotional items are keen on keeping the items to their selves, and they might potentially integrate the products into their mundane routine. Or, they can endorse the growth of your company by distributing the products to their family members, co-workers, and their followers on social media platforms.

Statistically, it has been proven that nearly 90% of the recipients use a promotional product once a week and 10% of the recipients use a promotional products to distribute amongst their family and friends. On the contrary, nearly 87% of the recipients are likely to keep the item in their possession for more than a year.

Additionally, it was revealed that the ROI for promotional product advertisement garnered a feasible ROI in comparison to radio or TV advertising. Furthermore, nearly 56% of the recipients had formulated an impression about a company/brand after receiving the branded product item.

Promotional items are cost-effective and usefully tangible

Several studies have revealed that that promotional items promise to be cost-effective and they are tangible in terms of its usability and tangibility. Let’s have a look at the statistical data that confirms the viability of promotional items:

55% of the recipients of promotional products said that they had at least one item in their storage space or bedroom. Nearly 74% of the recipients preferred keeping a branded promotional item in their work area, and up to 91% of the recipients kept more than one promotional item in their kitchen.

Promotional items are cost-effective mode of advertising

There is nothing more frustrating than pouring your company’s budget on advertising expenses, and if the ROI isn’t up to par then, the advertisement campaign might be a waste of time and money. Therefore, opting to promotional products make an influential alternative for lucrative advertisement costs, and it help with spreading the name of a business rather rapidly.